Current Concern

We develop and maximize the use of our potentials by the grace of God. In view of this:

  • Value education through all subjects shall be enhanced in the
  • Grooming of Students that will self discipline, self motivate through qualitative academic and moral development
  • Widening Students horizon through active participation in co-curricular activities
  • Capacity building for actualizing our vision.

Our educational goals derived from the state’s policy on education, adapted to suit the peculiar needs of the school and aims:
To achieve an all round education that will maintain a balanced development in moral, intellectual physical social and aesthetic education.

  • To help students to develop a positive and construction attitude towards life.
  • To foster an open, respectful attitude towards others
  • To inculcate the habit of self respect and self discipline
  • To guide students acquire knowledge in different subjects areas that will help them gain admission to tertiary institution
  • To help students develop a mind of enquiry to cope with their individual needs and the ever changing world
  • To encourage students to face challenges positively
  • To enhance excellence in students academic performance outcome


  • To provide students with multifarious co– curriculum activities to train students mind and body.
  • To foster team spirit and co-operation amongst students
  • To help students to develop their talents
  • To encourage students in personal cleanliness.
  • To encourage students to understand inter personal relations
  • To help students develop sense of belonging to the school community
  • To help students understand their right and obligations in the community and the society at large
  • To inculcate the virtue of patriotism and nationalism.


  • To encourage students to develop a sense of appreciation of beautiful environment and maintain it
  • To help students to develop their own imagination and creativity
  • To guide students discover and develop their potentials
  • To expose Students to opportunities to explore and exploit the world around them


HUMAN RESOURCES: Presently we have experienced , qualified and trained Teachers to teach all the subjects. These experienced and dedicated teachers adopt the use of ICT in teaching all subjects.
Team work and collaboration in teaching has presently been institutionalized in the school, this help both the learners and teachers.
Peer mentoring program also take place in the school where Students mentor each other for easy understanding of the subjects
Both morning, afternoon and Saturday lesson are also given priority in the school
In loco parentis is mentoring system in the ration of 3 students to a teacher is also practiced
Co curricular activities has been given its proper position on the school time table. Students have excelled in co-curricular activities, for instance remarkable achievements has been made in choral presentations within and outside the school. During the festival of Art And Culture on 6th December 2015 held at Adeyemi Bero Alausa, our Students were awarded the best traditional instrumentalist.
The school is the second best in Apala music during their presentation on the 9th and 10th, Dec 2015 this earned a standing ovation by all the dignitaries and others in attendance.
In 2017 Junior Engineers and Technicians; the School held the 1st position at district and state levels, thus represented the State in Nigeria.
In sport Feyisara Edun won gold medal in 400 meters girls at Ibile games held in 26th Feb 2015. Many levels had been won by the school for taking parts in various sporting events such as match past, relay races etc.

  • Uniform organization and subject association also take prominent places on the school Time table. Whereby clubs and societies are not left behind such as Boys Brigade, Sheriff Guard, Boys Scout, Red Cross, MAN, BUSA and Cultural Arts, Jets, Press, Lit and Debating, French, Home Makers, Climate, Young Farmers Club, Muslim Students Association, Christian Fellowship etc.

We have accommodation issues which prompted our being relocated to New Oko Oba, the building we are occupied there is meant for the primary school. This accommodation problems and the elongation of distance has really caused reduction in our students’ population.until 13th January 2017 when we came back to occupy the dilapidated building evacuated by our Junior School.
We returned back to the Ijaiye Campus to occupy the dilapidated buildings, playing ground is needed for the students to exercise their body and for sporting activities.
More chairs and tables are needed for the teachers and students to enhance effective learning process.
Projectors are used to teach many subjects in the school yet more projectors and computers are needed to enable all students to benefit in the I.C.T program and for effective teaching.
Laboratories equipments are also needed for Physics, Biology and Chemistry classes to make our practical classes more effective.